Welcome to ConsultUS website. At ConsultUS, we are committed to working closely with our partners from the public and private sector, civil society and donor community to achieve positive and sustainable transformations in the MENA region. We also commit ourselves and our expertise to impacting the livelihoods and capabilities of local populations. 

In today’s world of rising population, unemployment, poverty, environmental issues and financial challenges, resources are dwindling and need to be utilized in the best way possible. In addition to the structural challenges above, improving energy and water supplies in the region will continue to be a key element to achieving sustainable development and growth. At ConsultUS, we can help you take a step to becoming a catalyst for positive change in the region, matched with positive returns and lasting success. 

Together, and by providing you with a multitude of achievable strategies and technical expertise in different areas, and through our wealth of experience at the policy and technical levels, we will become a resource and your partner in exploring impactive and sustainable solutions. Serving as a bastion for integrity, applicability and practicality of viable solutions, our knowledge of the culture, laws and customs of the communities and countries in which we work, will add value and play an imperative role in achieving long-lasting outcomes. 

Today, our region stands at a crossroads where opportunities do exist, and we constantly find ourselves on the brink of change, and most importantly we recognize the need for change – positive change. We have witnessed a new value placed on the contributions that can be made by donors and consultants. There are scores of potential public and private sector stakeholders in the Region, which means that there are also numerous areas in which to get involved and to make a difference. 

We hope you have the benefit of learning about our work and capabilities, and look forward to welcoming you as our partner, where together we can put ideas into action and action into results. 



Engineer Raed Abu Soud