Water and Environment

 At CONSULTUS we perceive that water is among the key economic security issues globally and in the MENA Region; it plays a key role in industrial production, and is considered a critical component in all sectors of an economy and serves a range of different uses. Theodore, design utilization and implementation of water recourses management is essential for future progress and sustainability in the Middle East.

As for the environment, we At CONSULTUS understand that the existence of human being along with other being on earth depends on environment. Therefore, and in light of the increased growth rate in the industrial sector, environment remains to be a vital issue.
Consultus team has extensive practical experience in the following areas:
Advise on water managements projects
Advise on water demand management programs
Advise on environmentally friendly water treatment technology
Advise on institutional reforms in the water sector
Advise on water quality and standards
Plan and advise on water and waste-water resources
Provide water sector technical studies
Advise on green building design and implementation
Advise on environmental risk and impact assessments studies