Realizing Visions

At ConsultUS, global excellence meets regional expertise. At ConsultUS, the MENA Region’s leading movers and shakers and decision-makers join forces. A leading consulting firm based out of Amman, Jordan, we are committed to stakeholder issues and expertise which reflect practicality and achievability of long-term results. We know that there are no “one-size-fits-all” solutions to projects, and because we are from the Region and know the Region, its reality and its needs, we are committed to providing expert advice that will bring about positive and tangible results. But the real driving force behind our commitment is the need to help better lives and increase livelihoods. Join us on our mission to initiate change and influence events. 
Together, we will join forces with various alliances and partners to provide you with complete solutions tailored to your needs in the areas of Economic Growth, Water and Environment, Energy, Health, Good Governance, and Human Resources Development, among other areas. From groundwork consulting and planning, to implementation and management of diverse projects, we will help people live better and more meaningful and productive lives.
Partners for Change
• 51 million new jobs need to be created in the Region over the next ten years to maintain the already high unemployment rate of approximately 25 percent. 
• Water resources and environmental sustainability also pose as major challenges for our part of the world. Increasing our capacity to store water, to transfer it over distances, to desalinate it, to reuse, treat and recycle it, remains a necessity. The per capita share of fresh water in the Region is expected to drop to 951 cubic meters by 2030 compared to an international average of 2000 cubic meters. 
• Many countries in the Region are facing serious energy issues and governments are now committed to developing renewable energy resources. Managing and developing renewable energy resources, and the more efficient consumption of energy can play a major role in achieving sustainable development. Now is the time for our Region to become an active player in global efforts towards climate change adaptation. 
• The Region is facing growing environmental challenges resulting from population and demographic pressures. 
• The education deficit in the Region is among the main causes of its underdevelopment. With five percent of the World's population and the bulk of the World's oil and gas, without dramatic improvement at all educational levels, unemployment, illiteracy, and income inequality will worsen. 
• The Region has the highest population growth rate in the world, with almost 40 percent of its population now below the age of 15. The Arab World accounts for one quarter of the world's unemployment among the 15-24 age groups.