Mission and Vision

Imagine a place where global excellence meets regional expertise. Imagine a single meeting point for the region’s leading movers and shakers and decision-makers. At ConsultUS, we have made this vision a reality by bringing together a handful of exceptional regional experts who initiate change and influence events.


Together, we will join forces with various alliances and partners to provide you with complete solutions tailored to your needs in the areas of Economic Growth, Water and Environment, Energy, Health, Good Governance, and Human Resources Development, among other areas. From groundwork consulting and planning, to implementation and management of diverse projects, we will help people live better and more meaningful and productive lives. We know that there are no “one-size-fits-all” solutions to projects, and because we are from the region and know the region, its reality and its needs, we are committed to providing expert advice that will bring about positive and tangible results. We will create a win-win situation for you and for your beneficiaries, ensuring that each and every project will meet its objectives and deliverables.


To provide unparalleled technical expertise and practical implementable solutions for Economic Development, Water, Energy and Environment, Health, Good Governance, and Human Resources sectors across the MENA region.


To become the MENA region’s leading consultant based out of Amman, Jordan, distinguished by its commitment to stakeholder issues and expertise, which reflect practicality and achievability of long-term results.