News / ConsultUS team completes design and training of the first business incubator in Kurdistan Region.

ConsultUS supports Women Empowerment Organization in Erbil, announces the launch of

the first business incubator in Kurdistan


Ms. Susan Aref, director of Women Empowerment Organization in Erbil, announced today near launch of the first business incubator in Erbil.  Ms. Aref indicated that “Erbil Incubator for Economic Empowerment" is a business incubator created with full support of Consultus to help women entrepreneurs and start-ups during the early stages of development, and enhance their success and growth in the business market. She highlighted that Erbil incubator will target women entrepreneurs and start-up companies owned by women and without any financial outlay to be able to access professional business environment, in different economic sectors, through the development of their administrative, financial, marketing, and access to funding.

Ms. Aref highlighted that the incubator will provide various support services including business development marketing plans, building management teams, and networking, with a significant support from a network of partners from the private and public sector and universities as well as civil society organizations. The incubator will also provide supervisory and advisory services in order to solve the general problems and seize business opportunities for women or companies that will be incubated in addition to connectivity and networking with potential buyers.

The Incubator will be open to all ideas and entrepreneurial businesses that serve the economic empowerment of women and help achieve sustainable development in Erbil and Kurdistan region. Terms of incubation will be simple that will include women and projects with entrepreneurial ideas which have growth potential and can contribute to job creation.

The business incubators nowadays are one of the important tools utilized globally in the development of projects and to increase the chances of success and excellence.  Globally, there is around 8000 business incubators, more than 60% are concentrated in China, India and Southeast Asia. Out of this number, only 75 business-oriented incubators are targeting women, which position Erbil among the leading areas globally in the application of this effective economic development approach.

Board of Directors of the incubator will include representatives from the private and public sectors, and universities, financial institutions,  and civil society organiz